“I’m a high school student in California, and have created a website to collect perspectives of teenagers from around the world on how the coronavirus pandemic has affected their lives.

The news about the pandemic has, not surprisingly, largely focused on the experiences of adults and how they are coping during this crisis.  Even when stories have focused on the experiences of teenagers, they are filtered through the eyes of adults.

The goal of my project is to preserve the experiences of teens during the pandemic from a historical perspective and to ensure that the history of this pandemic isn’t written solely from an adult point of view.

If you (or a relative or friend of yours who is 13-17 years old) would be willing to submit a description, however long or short, I would be really grateful.

The website is located at https://covid9teen.net and you can submit your perspective here.”

– Rupert Chen, founder of covid9teen

It would be interesting to hear…

What has been the hardest part about the situation for you?

What are the rules where you live, and when were they put into place?

How often do you leave your house (if at all)?

When do you think the rules will be removed?

How does the situation affect you?

Are you glad to be at home?

Are you bored?

How do you pass time?

How do you do groceries?

Do you have school (if so, does it work well and how do you feel about it)?

Do people follow the rules?

Do you have any advice for others?

Is there anything else that you find interesting/would like to share about your situation?

If you have any questions, you may reach out to Rupert Chen at covid9teen.net@gmail.com

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