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K.D., a teen in Murrieta, CA

“One interesting thing I noticed during quarantine is the development of online shopping, especially in my own life and with my family. I have changed to sometimes prefer online shopping as opposed to shopping inside of stores because of convenience…Quarantine has definitely changed many aspects of my life and how my perspective.”

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T.B., a teen in Murrieta, CA

“I usually am a very happy person but this year, due to the constant routine of school without seeing friends or leaving my environment, I felt small stints of sadness and even depression. It wasn’t major or anything, but enough to make me realize the effect quarantine had on me.”

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P.D., 48, an accountant in Murrieta, CA

“With such a large commute everyday in order to get to work, it is less expensive, more efficient, and more enjoyable to work from home instead. I think quarantine has opened a different way of thinking, and a new approach to my work for me.”

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C.C.B., 56, a cooking instructor for children in Murrieta, CA

“I felt trapped, as most people probably did. The feeling was overwhelming and it made me shut down a little bit. I didn’t know what was next or where anything would go, including my work, my husband’s work, my kids’ school, and my parents. All I could do was hope, so that’s what I did”

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L.D., 53, a doctor in Murrieta, CA

“My mom would tell us at dinner that a lot of people were scared but pain was a motivator to come into the office.  The quarantine was stressful for everyone, but I was proud of my mom, because of her resilience to the diversity she was facing every day.”

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