Anna Marie Lopez

I am a latina, lesbian, vision impaired artist. Im from texas but I’ve lived in CA, & NYC, I moved back to texas lost my father to alzheimers my brother to a heart attack. I was in an auto accident and they discovered that I had a rather large brain tumor, they were able to remove it but I needed a vp shunt I then developed hand tremors, seizures, & lost much of my eyesight. I was a graphic artist for kodak & other co. Before. I need to paint so with my wonderful partner’s encouragement I began again. I did give up Fencing & can’t drive losing my freedom. So I dream & paint.
Hmm I’ve often had to apologize for my art. But it doesn’t change what i do. La Virgen was censored in San Antonio. I’m not cath olic & I love to research what what I paint. So I did and painted her and was asked to leave the show & gallery. The rape painting shouldn’t need explanation. I paint what I know without fear. I loved being an old school graphic artist I now enjoy art without boundaries or rules.

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