A.C., 36, a writer in Mumbai, India

2020 A dream come true …!!

No, not a nightmare… but a dream . A dream that made me slow down . Look at things … the same things that’s been around differently, the rush of life and running around in a busy bustling city sucks up the attention that everyone , everything around us deserves .

In a way making a living for a future, that’s dystopian. Think I have been almost living blind . Not noticing around … and now when there’s nothing to look forward. I gather the courage to look what’s there. Look deep what’s in front .

The trees overlooking from the balcony of my rented apartment. Looked different … when no where to go , no friends, no family, no cafes nor crowd… no future prospects to worry . The trees they made me feel alive . The daily chores of life – cleaning the dishes , sweeping the house , washing clothes , preparing my own meal , chanting the small mantra at night before going off the bed . Everything that was always been there as a part of living, came alive…!!!  In a way supporting me. How could I have missed this incredible magic .

Every single thing made me feel it’s not over yet . You are alive and so as others . Alone but not lonely . You have come alone and so as everyone else in this world . It’s not a nightmare its dream that has made me life, my reality of everyday living in its true sense a pure empowering Joy . The joy to feel the breeze just by sitting with cup of coffee by the balcony after a long day of household chores. Cleaning the dust and dirt of my own making and then feeling as if every corner of the house as my own small corner or content.

I don’t need flashy cars , lights at the pubs , expensive food or frolics to be happy . I need to open my eyes and just look . Look around as the wind speaks its language of love through the tress . The stillness within me stirred something unshakable. Well I truly felt empowered knowing that as human I have such amazing gift to look and perceive. Be amazed by the power of nature around … the birds chirping made me smile .

2020 is a dream of discovery . It’s dream of truly being empowered by our own ability to be human and embrace everything that life has given us. I am so very grateful that this happened while I am still alive … yes, I have lost few close love ones as well. The journey hasn’t been simple . But at every step it has made me realise the preciousness of living in the NOW with awareness of what we have right now and making the most of it by doing our best to look deep .

It’s gift.

“With the price that we have paid with the lost lives ..

2020, have been a dream that made me close to the reality of life .”



[submitted on 9/15/2020]

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