C.R., a teen in Australia

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First up the hardest part for me was school because it was confusing and I was easily distracted. Here in Australia on the 13th of March (a day before my birthday), the Grand Prix in Melbourne was cancelled this was because gatherings of 500 or more people were called off. After that more restrictions came into place such as hotel quarantine for overseas travellers and many restrictions on non-essential shopping, haircuts, food, restaurants etc.

Because the city where I live only had a couple of active cases at one time, me and my family were allowed out for exercise, essential shopping, work, and gatherings of up to 2 people. Now restrictions have eased and we can do all the stuff we used to do. In the height of restrictions, we could still go out and buy groceries and boy did we look forward to it. We got to go SHOPPING! All we had to do was wait in lines and social distance!

Personally, I was deeply affected during the pandemic because my grandmother (who lives in America) came down with the virus. This was a big scare to me and my family and I got really worried. The thing was that we could not even travel to her to help her and even if we could, we would have a massive chance of getting the virus ourselves. The miraculous thing was that my Grammy was ok and she only had mild symptoms!! We call her every day and she is even allowed to go out (if she wears a mask).

I was happy to be home until it started getting a little hectic! I guess 4 people crammed in a house 24/7 is pretty wild! Sometimes I get a little bored but I get over boredom by baking for my neighbours, seeing friends (after restrictions eased), watching slightly too much TV, and drawing. I am very lucky to have the privilege of going to a private school so my school had hand sanitizer always available and our online learning was very well done! A massive thank you to the teachers! But I am SOOOOO happy to be back at school. I did not know how much I missed it.

I am very happy restrictions have eased and Australia is on the road to recovery but we all need to play our part so the case count doesn’t arise again.

Stay safe, save lives,

[submitted on 6/7/2020]

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