R., a teen in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

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Discovering Ourselves in India

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India:

Corona virus (covid-19) has now become a conversation starter for most people. I live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Covid-19 remedies have replaced our ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ quotes on whatsapp. In fact, home remedies are spreading faster than the virus. The topic has given content creators a chance to make their audience smile during a devastating pandemic. Masks and sanitisers are everyone’s best friends. These give a person a sense of security. The pandemic has changed so much in our lifestyles and habits. Quarantine has given all of us another chance to discover ourselves, to discover our hobbies and to discover the people close to us.

The last working day of school for me, was March 11th, Wednesday. As of today (April 16, 2020) it’s been over a month since I left the house. So much had changed overnight. On 15th of March, Gujarat government announced the closures of schools, colleges and other institutions. At first, it was unclear so as to what was going on around us. A lot of efforts had been put to create awareness.

170 Districts have now been marked as Covid ‘red zones’. International students came back to their families unknowingly being a carrier of the deadly disease. The first death reported in Gujarat was on 22nd March; that’s when the locals started taking it seriously. Nothing has been the same. This virus is posing a threat to humanity.

Complete lockdown was announced on 24th March by PM Modi. It was extended till 3rd May on 14th April. This lockdown is expected to curb the Covid spread.

The situation right now has been handled very well. The people standing in a queue maintain a safe distance of 5-6 feet while purchasing essential commodities. Social distancing is being followed majorly. The streets are barren and a lot of precautions are taken daily. After all *POSITIVE* is the most negative word of 2020.

[submitted on 4/16/2020]

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