Catalina Aranguren

The pandemic has forced me to rethink my artwork. Mostly, I went about capturing specific moments in time. I don’t get a chance to run into those very often anymore, so by looking down, while I was walking the dog, I started finding very interesting bits on the ground or in my one block radius. Though I have been photographing flowers in situ for a long time I felt the need to be more scientific about it. I found I needed to document by removing the environment all together. Please note, I did not cut down any flowers. Only picked stuff off the ground or carried a white background to photograph stems still in their place. Also, because of the lack of subjects, I became interested in the reflections and abstractions that happen when we look through glass, especially thick glass like from house windows or businesses. The play of light and dark, and what could reflect, and what was obscured became a subject I have been photographing and analyzing.

I was born in Colombia, then raised in Venezuela. I studied at the International School. My childhood was a constant wavering between languages, cultures, third and first worlds. I graduated from SAIC with a semester in Speos Paris. I am a latinx woman, immigrant, and artist based in NJ. My work is in private collections in various countries. I am currently raising three bilingual, bicultural, biracial and bustling boys with my husband and our giant dog.

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