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K.T., 18, in Newcastle, U.K.

“As someone who has been home bound/self quarantined for a few years to due to chronic illnesses and disabilities, the pandemic hasn’t changed my life that drastically. In terms of daily life and mental health I’ve been struggling a bit however, there is no routine set in place for me, all the days seem to fade into each other, and I’ve been too scared to go outside because of my physical health.”

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J.H., a teen in London, England

“Personally, each day has been a meshed together, and only by checking the date I can see that it’s a… Thursday?? I thought it was a Tuesday… wow I’m more out of the cycle than I realised. On the other hand, I plan on doing more things to keep me engaged other than watching TV and playing videogames, which – don’t get me wrong – are great, however, I’m only human, I have my limits.”

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T.M., a teen in the United Kingdom

“People are out working hard for us, forcing themselves through that fog of fatigue. Except in theirs, grief at leaving their families and seeing so many deaths is interspersed within it. Driving them through is something more powerful than that harsh, thick fog. They know that right now, we need them and that this pain, this fatigue, this fog, is temporary. That’s what we all need to remember, whether we are on the front line at the hospital or in our homes. It’s temporary.”

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J.J., a teen in Lincolnshire, England

” I would say overall I have enjoyed not having to go to school as they it has allowed me to avoid the early morning bus trips and the long days at school and I have been able to spend more time with my family.”

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