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K.E., 51, a consultant in Murrieta, CA

“Being physically separate from others has seriously impacted the sense of community here, and I sense it will be difficult to get that back. The political divides that have become deep, and the different outlooks on COVID and societal restrictions, have pervaded too many things.”

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S.M., 67, a retired bricklayer in West Allis, WI

“Time ran away like herds of ghost jackalopes. He camped in a valley near a hill of petrified wood and fossils. Birdy felt surrounded by something mysterious, almost like spirits of evil. He built a shelter of stoned timber and sang some old Little Feat songs.”

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J.C., 60, a Translator in Modesto, CA

“After a strange year of semi-isolation and worrying, I am finally getting my first dose of the vaccine and I am very excited about it. I have a wedding to attend in April 2022, in Seville (Spain), and I am hoping that most of the countries achieve the so-called herd immunization, so that I can travel without restrictions and without fear of doing it.”

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E.E., 32, a mental health worker in Fremont, CA

“Being an essential worker I still had to ride on the empty BART trains to work every day praying to God that I would not get this virus. I was hearing that at the clinic I worked at we were running short on supplies (i.e. hand sanitizer, mask, PPE). My anxiety was rising as we started to run out of protective gear and I was reusing a disposable mask going on day 5 already.”

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E.L., a teen in Menifee, CA

“While quarantine has proved to be a time of self discovery, it has also been the time at which my mental health has been at its worst. Without the daily social interactions that I once had, and the sudden surplus of time, I was forced to confront my unhealthy habits and thoughts that I often crowded out of my mind.”

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S.R., 71, a homemaker in Murrieta, CA

“In our home we have three generations. I am the Grandmother, my daughter and son in law with their now two teenage children all live together. It’s been difficult for the kids to be isolated from school and friends. They have missed important milestones…”

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E.N., 44, a teacher in Murrieta, CA

“A year on and I feel at perhaps my unhealthiest sadly, both physically and emotionally. My mom is getting the Covid vaccine next week and I am so happy for her. I hope that all of us will be able to get our vaccines too.”

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K.M., 52, Self-Employed in Murrieta, CA

“As an individual who has a master’s degree, I never thought I would ever have to struggle in regards to money but here I am. COVID 19 has taught me that life will never fail to surprise you…”

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