COVID-19 Mutual Aid USA, Aurora, CO

COVID-19 Mutual Aid USA is an organization that was started in March 2020 by two medical students at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. Since the onset of the pandemic, COVID-19 has highlighted the gaps in community resources. As a collective of volunteers, our goal is to connect people and local mutual aid groups to resources, information, and support. It is our belief that disparities exist in nearly every facet of our current system, from housing, to health care, to education, you name it . These exacerbate the pre-existing gaps in our community and are being seen and discussed like never before. Our goal is to support the most vulnerable among us and promote equity through raising awareness, creating shared spaces, highlighting stories, sharing knowledge, and collaborating. We are constantly evolving and growing as an organization, which is something we plan to continue to do. Some of our current projects include creating a new website, expanding our social media presence (@covidaid), and including more emotional aid components (resources focused on mental well-being). If you’re committed to supporting the most vulnerable among and would like to join us in collective care, fill out our Volunteer Interest Form.

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– G.K.,  CovidMutualAidUSA Organizer

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