L.C., 19, an architecture student in Burbank, CA

Going into Covid-19 hasn’t changed that much since it started in my architecture studio life. Even if there was Covid-19, it doesn’t stop our studio life. Instead, it keeps ongoing. As if, we could assume, if we were to prioritize work, and just changing it into a remote job outcome. As architecture was part of my life for everyday sense in a month making a proposal before the day of finals coming through. I guess you can say, every day was life on the internet. Researching, and how our plans and drawings to optimize the best choices in part of the proposed plan. It was the half week of March it started and then it ended around April the end of the week.

After the studio, I guess now, you would call it summer break. But it wouldn’t be any summer break. It would be the casualty of the boredness. I was just hearing a podcast, just the other day talking about the ‘natural experiment’ would be how COVID-19 came into a archtiecture’s designer’s life. The designer explained it naturally to the outcomes of how they were bored with life in the studio or like in the research labs. They discovered that leaving the research labs or even the studio rooms would lead a designer with boredom. When I thought about this, I was left with boredom too. In fact, I would say after I finished with my school work, I ended up drawing for a week on my screen tablet. I would say it was the fun drawing and doodling. At the same time, I’ve spent hours looking at the inspirations on Instagram for art and architecture inspirations. I guess you can say at the time, I was a nerd, questioning abstraction ideas, and learned the formality of criticizing other’s people’s work. Even with seeing a work of plan, the other day I was on my Facebook page for architectural students, in fact, I was fuzzing with it. The plan didn’t seem right at first if they wanted a roof. So then, I started theorizing the art of drawings that are implemented by architects and artists.

Before, this May month, I started to raise questions about seeing relationships in the US. Therefore, with these questions I came across, I came through an experiment. An experiment where I would post pieces of advice in a relationship forum. It was fun at first, knowing what’s happening to other people around the world. But as I thought about it more, it’s seeing the people’s inner worlds of secrets where they can’t tell other people. But instead, posting it on the forum. Sometimes when I read their posts, I would get frustrated and write a bad post I would say to advise them. Because I’ve noticed some times, a lot of things go back for people. Even no matter how bad things are, it’s kind of revealing the inner’s people relationships and people’s true colors on who they are in reality which they were hiding their sides on. Basically, with the COVID-19, I feel that people are still fearing for COVID-19. But even if they are, some people have recently taken it as a can’t stand any longer thing or something. It’s a basic fact, that people started to feel the fear, as the numbers are increasing in the COVID-19 disease. Some people say it’s a foreign error of data. In fact, during the month of March, I was on a Facebook page regarding a bug issue. So, therefore, I wrote a bug issue post on medium, regarding, what was the main problem with it?

In fact, writing this wouldn’t change the things I do naturally. Ever since the start of this semester. Or I would say, I’ve tried to isolate more, and indulge myself into working and reading philosophies of ideas of architecture. Also, concerning fact, I was an introvert, who didn’t go out and more like stayed at home after going to school. Even with the COVID-19, nothing changed, just staying alone and being safe.

[submitted on 5/10/2020]

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