M.S., 19, a student in Wayne, NJ

Ok so lowkey I’ve kind of been enjoying quarantine. Yea I know that it’s a global pandemic and all and people are dying I’m so sorry if I’m sounding apathetic, but just talking about my own personal experience I’ve been enjoying the down time. When all of this first started i was in the middle of my spring semester at Maryland Institute College of Art, funny enough I had actually just been released from the hospital, i had to have a minor operation done to remove an infected growth in the back of my throat that was blocking my air way and preventing me from breathing and swallowing so that sucked. I also had mono for like a month at that point without even realizing because I was just so caught up with my school work that I was completely neglecting my body and my health. I kept thinking to myself that once spring break comes I’ll be able to rest and recover but I need to just get all of my work done and not waste time by going to the hospital to get treatment. Of course being an idiot my body kind of just gave up on me and after three days of not being able to swallow food or water and not being able to sleep at all due to the pain of the growth and the suffocation it caused to wake me up around every 20 minutes during the night. That Monday morning I woke up with a crippling headache and just pain everywhere i was too weak to even walk properly. My girlfriend rushed over and helped me over to the health center where I was then rushed to the hospital and I was finally able to get the treatment I needed. Trying to stay on a normal productive art school schedule while ignoring my mono and infection had drained me both physically and mentally, plus art school kids are way to friendly and outgoing so after weeks of having daily headaches and having to deal with my classmates constantly stopping me to chat while having these headache episodes really drained me socially. It was right after I came back to school from the hospital was when we all have to leave the campus and go home to resume classes online. I was just happy to finally have time to myself to rest and not have to be around people for the next few months. I love my friends but it all got way to much for me and I needed a break. Online classes are so easy in terms of attendance and social interaction. I’m sorry to make this topic all about me but if you asked for what my personal experience was like I say I finally got some time to myself and I can finally hear myself think again.

[submitted on 5/10/2020]

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