P.L., 18, a student in Fremont, CA

I don’t really have a story here to tell but just how my life has been impacted by the situation. Like many others, I came home (actually by my brother’s house in California because my parents live in China) from school since March 14 and has not been out ever since except for occasional jogging and biking. Life has been very different if not the complete opposite for me. No more concerts, day trips, parties, late-night conversations, movies, dining out. No more seeing, hugging, talking to friends. I get very little satisfaction from virtual communication since I’ve always been someone who prefers in-person interactions. The most dramatic changes for me is summer plan. My school’s summer abroad programs have all been canceled and I was extremely stressed out finding alternatives. Although my parents live in China, I don’t have Chinese citizenship and therefore am currently prohibited from returning home for the summer. I don’t want to say this because I do realize I am in a better situations than so many others but mentally I feel like I am stuck here and I am getting more pessimistic every day about returning to our normal lives. School in the fall doesn’t seem optimistic and another semester of online courses is for now, extremely difficult to accept but imminent. I wish people stay healthy and safe and cheerful despite it is so hard, so hard.

Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic is an initiative sponsored by the Poetic Media Lab and the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis at Stanford University.

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