I have good news – we will all get out of here alive.
What happens, happens on time, don’t seek your fault.
Nothing is your fault. There is no fault at all, but living,
through the mysteries of forgiving.

I see we are waiting for a miracle, the miracles happen
when I trust you, my sweetest friend, but nothing happens
when I cannot talk with you, and cannot keep my faith,
when I cannot continue my path when no one is around me,
when I cannot trust myself when all men doubt me.

Distance means nothing when your loved one means everything
and I am telling you – we will all get out of here alive.

What does not happen, does not happen in time, don’t seek
your or others’ fate. There is no fate at all, but choice,
in the centuries of noise and its deadly drive, while I am
telling you – we will all get out of here alive.

David Dephy
March 14, 2020
New York


Looking at the empty streets.

Beauty needs to be seen. 

I know you are happy out there 

on the other side of emptiness, 

yet the present is the choice 

which remains. In admiration, 

beauty, in poverty wealth 

and in silence the sound, 

I will put the gun down, 

who stands beside me matters more. 

I’ll remember this second, 

on the other side of what was emptiness, 

I’ll remember this present, but the streets 

will be alive again, only that which needs 

to be seen will be.


David Dephy

March 20, 2020

New York


A breeze without sound, 

your name, an affinity, 


a cry of joy that tugs

at our center of gravity.


Along these tarnished walls,

the past rolls over us, rushes 


by into the empty corridors

where all our stories 


are retold, where they carry on

deep into the dark labyrinth.

David Dephy

April 27, 2020

New York


I talk to the river. I hear sounds,
when I am alone. Silence speaks
more. “Look at me,” I try to say,
but I am speechless, as I lost
my breath. Heroes never die,
they only bear. We feel their tears,
blood dried up before they hit
the hearts. We look into their eyes,
we hear their words, we see their acts,
and the rivers roll and a second passed.

David Dephy
August 6, 2020
Long Island, New York


I can see in silence.

In silence the memories 

are rolling over me, 

and we are running 

all around and in between 

the shadows of forest 

and its dark stillness. 

A stillness never tells, 

but always listens 

to our heartbeats.

Lost in the noise

we are divided.

Spinning chaos into order,

death into birth.

Looking for an exit—trying

to recall a memory of ourselves

in the great affliction of emptiness.


David Dephy

July 1, 2020

Long Island, New York


“You tarnish soft,” I said to fireflies. 

I hear a noise from the city.

I am alone here. Night.

Will you not revive us again, that your loved ones—  

the people of morning may rejoice in you, night? 

Only the truth will inspire me.

Only the truth will revive me.

“You appear soft,” I said to fireflies.

I hear a noise from the city.

I am alone here. Morning.

Satisfy us in the morning with your loving devotion, dawn,

that we may sing for joy and be glad all our days and nights.

Revive us, and we will call on your name.


David Dephy

June 24, 2020

Long Island, New York


David Dephy — A Georgian/American award-winning poet. The winner of the Spillwords Poetry Award, the finalist of the Adelaide Literary Awards for the category of Best Poem. He is named as A Literature Luminary by Bowery Poetry and The Incomparable Poet by Statorec. His works have been published and anthologized in USA, UK and all over the world by the many literary magazines, journals and publishing houses. He lives in New York.

New York, New York

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