Jacob Eisenach began recording as eisenach in the spring of 2019. Eisenach’s upbringing in Berlin led to an early start to his music career, as he grew up busking in the city and playing at bars with his indie/alternative rock band, Cardboard Hearts. His move to California prompted more songwriting, and culminated in his upbeat, positive debut EP, “Transitory Places,” which he created in his freshman dorm room. In addition to the dorm setting, influences from indie rock and bedroom pop led to friends dubbing eisenach’s music DORMPOP.

After COVID-19 sent everyone home, Eisenach left college for his uncle’s basement in Colorado, where he recorded and produced his second EP “Thoughts in Motion”: a quarantine project full of themes reflecting a missed life on campus.

Prior to this quarantine EP, eisenach released his debut EP, “Transitory Places” in the summer of 2019. You can listen to “Transitory Places” on Spotify or Apple Music.

Check out eisenach’s website, and be sure to follow his Spotify, Instagram, and YouTube channel to hear more!

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