A.D.W.M., 20, a student in Kericho, Kenya

As an international applicant to a US university, I spent the initial weeks of this year working on applications and doing little of other things. It was my intention to begin a paid internship from April at a bank I worked for last year. However, the corona virus outbreak has caused a lockdown that has closed ,most of the available opportunities available to people of my qualifications. Therefore, I am forced to stay home longer than I planned or desire, and to have minimal productivity. This is so because my rural location at Kericho town comes with poor internet connection, hence even online courses are not a viable alternative, much less online jobs. in addition, the virus has forced all my 6 siblings to come home and put a hold to their education. While it is a silver lining to have the company of family, especially during these troubling times, we cannot help wondering about the long term repercussions of to them as students. One of my brothers, actually, was supposed to finish coursework in May and graduate, but all that is suspended indefinitely. And as with my case, online learning is not an option. The pandemic specifically troubles my aspirations for college study. Without knowing whether i will be able to fly to the States this fall, i am afraid that i may end up missing out on the college experience that i desired and aimed for when applying. Opportunities such as diversity, internships, and the spirit of exploration may all be diminished. And the financial burden that may come with it is simply unimaginable.

[submitted on 5/12/2020]

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