N.N., a teen in Montreal, Canada

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Creativity in Quarantine

Montreal, Canada:

I remember in early March at my last ever in-person lecture of the year how tense and confused everybody seemed to be. Was school really going to be shut down? Would I be back in a few days? Never would I have expected that months later I’m still unable to see my friends and enjoy the great things the city has to offer – museums, concerts, and gyms are all closed for the foreseeable future.

My university transitioned to an online format for the remainder of the year, which I honestly did not mind. I found the take-home final examinations to be just as challenging, yet significantly less stressful. What I do miss, however, is the social element to university – talking with friends at the library, student club events, and larger social gatherings. Though I hope that these will be gradually phased in, I am nevertheless doubtful. Personally, a lot of my plans for next year are up in the air which makes it hard to plan accordingly. For example, I have no idea whether my winter exchange to Singapore will be cancelled.

Though one of the hardest hit areas on the continent, you would not expect that given how relaxed everyone seems to be – minimal face mask use, limited social distancing. While initially I passed the time reading and doing fun projects, such as making a Rube Goldberg machine (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4hGcOEvYiw), the novelty has worn off and I look forward to ‘life as usual’ as soon as possible!

[submitted on 6/17/2020]

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