Mambo’s Blues

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Sad Spanish strains on
Night street

All dissent quiet
Church mice sleeping
Humans creeping
Petrified forests

Papers run you around
Papers to walk the dog
Police looting city blocks

Forgotten masquerade masks soaking in
God forsaken puddles
Gloves, skeleton mud runners

Double fried kisses, canned peaches and mist
Stare from
Weathered shelves
Embraces on hold till a
Magic clock-strike twelve

Poets creak, Paris pastors reach,
in abandoned plunging
hollow cold-ice streams

With great introspection
Masses ponder the great dissection

Easter bunnies screw in tournesol sheds
The bum rap meds, no one to touch his hand

Lab rats grin as the mother
of all vaccines warms to the
Resounding orchestral death march

We stay together Keep our love
Hide in the never heard of

Knit our threads, bake our breads
Sing our songs, read Walt all night long
Nurses, doctor helping hands
Stave off the storm with clothespins

Nature heals, as the wheels roll off the highway
Rest like tires in a wilted roadside graveyard

Shutters Flailing

Shutters flailing viral winds
Mind eye flashing gold
Designs of maladroit wine boats
Rocking shipshake harbors
On my droopy curtains

Sweet Suzy muse never forgets my address
Drops off provisions
Flipping bad luck coins
Like hot cakes griddle bound
To the sunrise…

Leapfrog fantasies
Kind of blue nights
Late winter Paris

Mother earth freaking
Miracle balm on our last sundown legs

Used to trip on window pane
Now it’s tryptophane
Sleep away this nightmare, nevertheless
Ship ahoy, mates!

Merchants of Misty

All that lay before me
package of unbroken road
Scattered ship memories bobbing up and down
Technicolor bouys in fog swept heaven
maritime fantasies

Lips sealed shut
Dance starts with
the merchants of misty

flashing neon glimpse of heaven
mist brown miracle shows
a way beyond the

burleque rain of tears
storm trooper years, here

Northern bound highways
Joy and sorrow shifting lanes
To the marrow, driving feckless firecarts
into blood clot alley ways

where fruitless beggars multiply
saints on cloud pillows pass by
walls etched phantoms of Edward Albee Rachel Carson
kissing sweet charred mountainsides

Eyes on infinity
I row to the islands
first seen at the check out
from half-plank reality

Merchant of misty
pulling down rain
from Invisible one-horse skies
herds of rolling thunder
listening opens the magic eye
a wide-eyed lightning magic harpoon ride
moonglow nights

wheeling moving word statues off with a languid kiss
this soul business
Merchants of Misty

Poet and musician, Michael D. Amitin travelled the roads of the American West from California- east through the smoky burgs and train depot diners of Western Colorado, where he lived before moving to Paris, France. Recently named International Beat Poet Laureate 2020-2021, Amitin’s poems have been published in California Quarterly, Poetry Pacific, North of Oxford, Cajun Mutt Press, and many others. A current collaboration with Parisian photographer Julie Peiffer has given rise to the “Riverlights” project.

Paris, France

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