Solen Sanli Vasquez

Solen S. Vasquez, Santa Rosa Junior College

Solen Sanli Vasquez teaches sociology at the Santa Rosa Junior College in California. She has received her Ph.D. in sociology from The New School for Social Research in 2009 and her master’s degree in political sociology from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2000.  Her book “Women and Cultural Citizenship in Turkey: Mass Media and ‘Woman’s Voice’ Television” was published by I.B. Tauris in 2015. Her research interests lie at the intersections of mass media, gender, immigration, social stratification, and cultural citizenship. 

Prof. Vasquez's on Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic

“The Life in Quarantine project collects first-hand narratives of how people have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing quarantine measures globally. Their efforts open up room for collaboration with the teaching community in various ways.

In Sociology and Cultural Anthropology courses, students can be asked to use the stories and connect them to larger transformations, such as the switch to online learning, working from home, loss of jobs, rising danger levels at work, changing norms of social interaction, or access to health care.

In courses focusing on Political Science, International Relations, Geography, and the like, students might compare and contrast how individual countries have responded to the pandemic, and its impact on individuals. Students of Psychology may look at how individuals have been affected emotionally and psychologically by the pandemic and the quarantine.

The project could be a helpful tool in reminding students that they are not alone in their struggles with distance learning, out-of-work parents, anxiety, and instability. The stories could be used in K-12 as well as at the college level.”

Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic is an initiative sponsored by the Poetic Media Lab and the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis at Stanford University.

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