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G.E., 72, an Editor, English Instructor, and Poet in Orinda, CA

“We sat together in couples
patting each other’s shoulders as we passed,
leaned across the table listening, looking carefully,
taking each other in. Your absence is breaking me.
The descending darkness brings home the loss
of all your warm and present bodies, all your arms
that held me in the doorway and all the little ones
we carried to their beds. “

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A.C., 36, a writer in Mumbai, India

“2020 A dream come true …!!
No, not a nightmare… but a dream . A dream that made me slow down . Look at things … the same things that’s been around differently, the rush of life and running around in a busy bustling city sucks up the attention that everyone , everything around us deserves .”

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M.B., 27, an Academic Staff in Palo Alto, CA

“[…]our family has not seen each other in person this year, and I am afraid that we will not be able to make it happen. While my family members and I are all incredibly lucky that nothing has happened to us (yet), the lack of togetherness has affected us all emotionally.”

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E.B., 65, an author and teacher in Newton, MA

“At times, my focus flees, and my mind goes foggy and I find it unusually arduous to work on the two books I was writing before the world stopped. I become lost in my dark places and must turn to words and music. I cloister but I am not alone.
I turn to family and community to bring me back.”

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