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C.C.B., 56, a cooking instructor for children in Murrieta, CA

“I felt trapped, as most people probably did. The feeling was overwhelming and it made me shut down a little bit. I didn’t know what was next or where anything would go, including my work, my husband’s work, my kids’ school, and my parents. All I could do was hope, so that’s what I did”

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B.L., 45, a lab technician in Murrieta, CA

“As an Asian American, I’m living double the fear and the worries! I’m not just worry about the Covid-19 itself, but also worried about the “Asian hate” that it has brought to the surface…I’m worried sending my children back to school…”

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A.M., 46, a School Secretary in Murrieta, CA

“The biggest challenge that I am now facing is the toil of children around the country not going to school. I believe that kids need to be going to school. The situation has been messing with my thoughts. I have heard terrible stories about the impact of a virtual school on students and their mental health. At the beginning of quarantine in March and April, the fear of the unknown was another hardship. The fear was paralyzing and I found myself crying a lot.”

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J.B., 79, a retired university professor in Avondale, AZ

“Our eldest Grandson’s a true hero. One of the ‘Red Vests’ managing the ‘Front-End’ of our local grocery store he calms irate customers who don’t want to comply with quarantine and rationing regulations. He’s been continuously exposed to Covid-19 every day for months”

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N.H., 61, a volunteer in Greenwich, CT

This young young man, who commutes over an hour a day to our son’s private school, moved in with us to study from here rather than a crowded Bronx apartment. […] His family is from West Africa so his life is very different from ours. We feel so lucky to be in a position to offer him a home. It’s a small thing we can do during a period where so many less fortunate people are suffering.”

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S.T., 41, an echocardiographer in Waukesha, WI

“…Everyday at work we hear something new and new protocols are made. It’s necessary and hard to read everything to keep up with the changes. It is now the end of May. I don’t know if I see my field in healthcare ever being the same again…”

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V.B., 28, a journalist in Nakuru, Kenya

“My quarantine experience has been wonderful. I have enjoyed staying with my children and got a chance to teach them how to cook. Apart from that it gave me a chance to write and edit my stories better. I even won an award from the Media Council of Kenya as one of the best science writers on covid-19 stories…”

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J.W.T., 44, a professor in Teresina, Brazil

“O nosso presidente, Jair Bolsonaro, é um necrófilo consumado, um dublê de tirano sem o talento para tal, e sua necropolítica em relação à Covid-19 consiste simplesmente em rechaçar a voz da ciência, minimizar o valor das vidas perdidas e pregar o término da quarentena a fim de salvar a pele do empresariado que financiou sua campanha à presidência.”

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