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Q.X.W., 20, a student in Mountain View, CA

“过去这几个星期没有一天是不被疫情distract的。天天在哭,经常躺在床上闭上眼睛就想到看到的各种报道(李文亮医生,各种武汉人的日记/report等)然后失眠。 […] 没戴口罩的送货员和没戴口罩的我在不够社交安全的距离内说了几句话,回来之后我被隔离了五天。”

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C.V., 50, a healthcare worker in Mississauga, Canada

“…A lot of the nurses and PSW’s who work with me like to socialize outside of work. We need to get our mind off of work sometimes, and we’re finding that it’s hard to do that right now. We’re surrounded by the news and any time we speak to somebody at work, it’s always about COVID-19…”

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S.T., 41, an echocardiographer in Waukesha, WI

“…Everyday at work we hear something new and new protocols are made. It’s necessary and hard to read everything to keep up with the changes. It is now the end of May. I don’t know if I see my field in healthcare ever being the same again…”

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A. A., 23, a student in Tracy, CA

“I hope that my father, an older man who has been transferred from a cooking shift at Stanford University to janitorial duties, comes home safe and healthy every day. I hope that my mother, who works at my high school with underserved, often non-English speaking, communities finds reprieve from the anxiety expressed by all of the students and their families about what awaits them. I hope that my partner, who lives in an entirely different country in one of the busiest cities in Latin America, can continue to work from home…”

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Y., 21, a student in Nanjing, China

“抑郁症复发了,因为在家隔离不与人接触。[…] 还得保持学习,却没办法集中精力,压力很大。[…] 但昨天开始吃药调整了,希望一切都好起来。”

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D.S., 67, a retired lawyer in Missoula, MT

“It’s odd, though, as the days roll by with sunshine, the full arrival of Spring, and a seeming “normalcy” except for quieter streets and sidewalks not to occasionally be struck hard with a sense that some dark beast is silently slouching our way–that this seeming normalcy is utterly superficial and spurious, a fool’s paradise, and that all over the country and around the world something truly dark and terrible is occurring.”

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J.C., 19, a student in Palo Alto, CA

“I still haven’t heard from the university about whether I can stay on campus for the summer, and because of the airline restrictions, I can barely find an air ticket that will get me home…”

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