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A.L., a teen in Murrieta, CA

“The hardest part of this has been the inability to interact and socialize with some of my friends, and then losing friends due to the distance over the pandemic.”

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R.I., 18, a student in Paterson, NJ

“It started with us sharing meals together. When I set the table, my parents will slide their placemats down a couple seats. It then transitioned to saying, “Bye, love you!” six feet away before sending them off to work. What made me more upset was seeing the approaches my parents were taking to distance from each other…”

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R.I., 18, a student in Totowa, NJ

“Another thing I didn’t realize was how the pandemic would affect Ramadan and Eid. I know for a fact that it would have been much harder to do if I were still in school because I didn’t have my own kitchen. It would also have bothered my neighbors a lot if they heard a microwave going at 3 AM!”

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Q.X.W., 20, a student in Mountain View, CA

“过去这几个星期没有一天是不被疫情distract的。天天在哭,经常躺在床上闭上眼睛就想到看到的各种报道(李文亮医生,各种武汉人的日记/report等)然后失眠。 […] 没戴口罩的送货员和没戴口罩的我在不够社交安全的距离内说了几句话,回来之后我被隔离了五天。”

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L.F., 56, a manager in Rockville, MD

“I enjoyed so many operas, ballets I had no time or opportunity to watch. […] I feel we had to co-exist with the coronavirus. I am preparing the new normal for the coming days.”

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K.L., 30, an NGO worker in Beijing, China


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N.W., 20, a student in Chicago, IL

“The quarantine has given me time to get to so many things that I’ve placed on the back burner. My friends, my hobbies, and my health. I don’t think anyone would’ve asked for a global pandemic to happen, but I think a lot of us have found silver linings throughout…”

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