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J.R., 78, in San Francisco, CA

“She moved back to San Francisco because she missed the fog and the cable cars and the other poets. In the 1970s she found it easier (and less expensive) to write rather than paint.”

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S.S., 60, a high school teacher in San Marcos, CA

“…And just one commute away, I will be risking my life each and every day at my workplace. I will be a front-line worker, without the personal protective equipment afforded to medical workers, facing students who do not have to follow safety or cleanliness rules for most of the 24 hours in a day. Many of the families in my community believe in magical thinking, believe that God will protect them, and believe in the propaganda spouted every day from President Trump and his corrupted supporters in government and the media. I could not be more disgusted at this willful ignorance. It’s like a death cult…”

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T.P., 23, a product manager in Menlo Park, CA

“疫情在家约了小伙伴每天锻炼,做超累的HIIT,梦想着能暴瘦15斤,然而现实总是残酷的,可能是太能吃了,到现在还没有完成梦想的1/5 […] 种花算是我少有的户外“运动”,可以放空大脑,好好放松,不过令人崩溃的是,我种的花一个都没发芽,希望房东不要打我。隔离期间的生活就和流水账一样,其实我有点喜欢这样的生活,但还是希望疫情早点结束啦。”

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C.C., 57, an engineer in Boyds, MD

“隔离期间我每天都会在小区附近走trails,也开始在跑步机上练习跑步,参加zoom 瑜伽课和其他娱乐活动。WeChat 朋友圈有各种group chat, 从团购,读书,瑜伽到烹调和对疫情的讨论比平日里热闹多了。”

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P.P., 64, a musician and professor from Half Moon Bay, CA

“On the negative side, many planned concerts have had to be cancelled, which has been disappointing to me and many others. With fitness centers and gymnasiums closed, it has been more difficult to work out and try to stay in shape. […] On the positive side, the lock-down has given me more time to practice piano than I’ve had in decades! It’s been a joy to revisit pieces that I haven’t played in years, and to learn new ones, too. […] I have planted a small garden, something I haven’t done since childhood, and am using this unexpected time as a golden opportunity to clear out clutter…”

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