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J.B., 79, a retired university professor in Avondale, AZ

“Our eldest Grandson’s a true hero. One of the ‘Red Vests’ managing the ‘Front-End’ of our local grocery store he calms irate customers who don’t want to comply with quarantine and rationing regulations. He’s been continuously exposed to Covid-19 every day for months”

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R.J., 74, a retired school district HR specialist in Thomaston, CT

“…There is a divorce in the works here. Mom has moved out and all the tentative, shaky routines we worked out starting in March are up in the air again. […]. Before the lockdown, I had come to realize that I serve as an anchoring support in this family […]. That’s still true, but it’s harder now for me to keep my own emotions balanced and healthy…”

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T.S., 65, a retired librarian in Missoula, MT

“…It is difficult coming to terms with the realization that the world I knew has significantly changed. I remember hearing my grandmother talk about about the changes in her life brought about by the influenza epidemic in 1918. I’ll try to learn as much as I can while undergoing this experience so I will have something to relate to my future grandchildren.”

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L., 19, a student in Dalian, China

“The onset of COVID-19 coincided with my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. […] As schools shut down across the US, I was finally able to book a flight home. […] This year was a disaster. But some part in me was glad that the pandemic has brought me home to my family.”

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