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Z.R.Y., 18, a student in Beijing, China

“我回国之后疫情就开始严重起来,我们连续好几天没有出门,买了很多口罩和食物还有酒精。[…] 大家都非常团结,希望这次疫情能早日结束。有很多人开始募捐,帮助医院治疗,还有人开始做视频来振奋大家,等等。[…] 希望疫情过后,人与人之间能够更包容,各国关系也能更好。感谢医护人员以及在疫情中帮忙的所有人。”

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T.S., 65, a retired librarian in Missoula, MT

“…It is difficult coming to terms with the realization that the world I knew has significantly changed. I remember hearing my grandmother talk about about the changes in her life brought about by the influenza epidemic in 1918. I’ll try to learn as much as I can while undergoing this experience so I will have something to relate to my future grandchildren.”

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L.M., 68, a retired special ed. administrator in Normal, IL

“…I was able to continue my exercise class three times a week via ZOOM. I’m a voracious reader and quickly ran out of books. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars buying books and even got my husband reading instead of watching tv. After my projects I kind of spiraled spiritually and felt anxious and depressed…”

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L.D., 20, a student in Palo Alto, CA

Around early March when many schools in the country were starting remote learning, many friends of mine who are international students from China were both physically and verbally assaulted (e.g. being pushed, being called names, yelled at, etc.) just because they wore a mask on the street or in the grocery store.

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L., 19, a student in Dalian, China

“The onset of COVID-19 coincided with my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. […] As schools shut down across the US, I was finally able to book a flight home. […] This year was a disaster. But some part in me was glad that the pandemic has brought me home to my family.”

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Z.I.H., 38, a service worker in Shishou, China

“很幸运,我处在一个低风险地区,但是国家管控很严,小区封闭,不允许串门 […] 身在湖北,虽然不是武汉疫区,但是需要非常多证明,这也是中国特色,比如复工接收证明,健康证明,社区通行证等等,即使证明齐全,到了目的地也需要隔离14天”

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