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R.C., a teen in Santa Clara County, CA

“Yesterday, my county extended the shelter in place order from ending April 7th to ending May 3rd (my school is set to restart on the 4th). So much for my birthday (mid-April). But, honestly, we’re most likely going to be here for much longer after that.”

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A.S., a teen in Fort Worth, TX

“Here in Texas it isn’t really that strict as it is in other places, and it has already started to reopen. Despite this I still barely leave my house as there is still high risk of infection and people wear masks everywhere they go.”

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J.H., a teen in Honolulu, HI

“It wasn’t just school that was affected for me and so many other people. No longer was coronavirus “just like the flu.” We have now lost over a hundred thousand Americans and our society will be fundamentally different when we get out of this.”

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T.C., a teen in Tampa, FL

“It’s crazy to think that something that we all thought was going to affect our live for 2 weeks is still affecting us three months later and will likely continue to affect us for even longer.”

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N.G., 19, a student in Totowa, NJ Post author

“…a few weeks into quarantine, I went down to the kitchen for a late night snack, and saw my dad sitting there alone. He just started apologizing for how I couldn’t be in college and how everything was so upside down. Then he said, ‘After communism, I never thought I’d see the day we’d have to wait in lines to go to the grocery store with empty shelves again.’”

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