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G.S.S., 26, a student in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“…Pessoas conhecidas pegaram. Essas pessoas, além dos sintomas do covid, tiveram outros pelo nervosismo, tiveram que tomar ansiolítico pra poder se acalmar pq estavam com medo de morrer. Essa doença meio que parou as nossas vidas, eu pretendo me formar até o meio do ano e msm assim não vou ter colação e nem formatura…”

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J.B., 79, a retired university professor in Avondale, AZ

“Our eldest Grandson’s a true hero. One of the ‘Red Vests’ managing the ‘Front-End’ of our local grocery store he calms irate customers who don’t want to comply with quarantine and rationing regulations. He’s been continuously exposed to Covid-19 every day for months”

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R.H., 40, an academic in Sydney, Australia

“…in the second week of March, just before New Zealand shut their borders to non-citizens (which includes my husband, although he grew up in New Zealand), my father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer. We decided to wait and see what initial test results suggested in terms of prognosis, before booking flights to fly over. By then it was too late […] He died in mid April, before we could see him again…”

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Q.X., 50, a therapist in Shenzhen, China

“疫情伊始即成为新冠在线心理志愿者,为武汉地区患者及家人、一线志愿者提供危机干预与心理援助,[…] 间接经历了这灾难降临的时刻,思考与收获良多。”

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L., 19, a student in Dalian, China

“The onset of COVID-19 coincided with my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. […] As schools shut down across the US, I was finally able to book a flight home. […] This year was a disaster. But some part in me was glad that the pandemic has brought me home to my family.”

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