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J.R., 49, a Pharmacist Technician in Murrieta, CA

“Going to work was very scary because I have some health issues as it is and I have to interact with people, so I constantly used sanitizer, gloves, multiple masks, etc…Working in a medical field in this time has been exhausting and will be even harder as flu season approaches…I hope one day I will be able to give the COVID-19 vaccine as part of my job and help to others.”

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L.S.S., 25, in Seoul, South Korea

“빨리 코로나가 종식 되었으면 좋겠다. 하지만 코로나가 종식 되어도 금방 새로운 바이러스가 생겨나 지금과 같은 상황을 만들 것이다.”

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Y., 21, a student in Nanjing, China

“抑郁症复发了,因为在家隔离不与人接触。[…] 还得保持学习,却没办法集中精力,压力很大。[…] 但昨天开始吃药调整了,希望一切都好起来。”

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M.C., a medicine student in Nairobi, Kenya

“I had a pharmacology test on that Monday which I had spent my entire weekend trying to memorise the different Antimuscarinic drugs and other complex words in pharmacology. This meant that the test was pushed which was good for me. I had more time to study. However after 1 month of staying at home I was no longer relieved…”

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L., 19, a student in Dalian, China

“The onset of COVID-19 coincided with my grandpa’s cancer diagnosis. […] As schools shut down across the US, I was finally able to book a flight home. […] This year was a disaster. But some part in me was glad that the pandemic has brought me home to my family.”

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