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T., 43, a marketer in Kaharlyk, Ukraine

“Весной было страшно, чувствовался гнёт. О гнете все время писали наши украинские народные поэты и писатели – это из любимая тема. Но реально почувствовать его удалось именно этой весной, когда закрыли парки, детские площадки, и заставили всех ходить в масках по улицам.”

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E.A., 18, a student and freelance author in Menifee, CA

“Now, as a pandemic ravages the country my parents had so much faith in, they cannot face continuing to live among citizens who don’t care about other people enough to wear a simple cloth over their nose and mouth—continuing to pay a hard-earned income to a military state—continuing to subscribe to the myth of the model minority and “keep their heads down” for the sake of being model citizens.”

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C.W., 18, a student in Carmel, IN

“…This was not my usual ‘I couldn’t sleep because I just watched a cute love story’. No, this was fear. Real fear. For the first time in my life, I felt true fear…”

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