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N.G., 19, a student in Totowa, NJ Post author

“…a few weeks into quarantine, I went down to the kitchen for a late night snack, and saw my dad sitting there alone. He just started apologizing for how I couldn’t be in college and how everything was so upside down. Then he said, ‘After communism, I never thought I’d see the day we’d have to wait in lines to go to the grocery store with empty shelves again.’”

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D.S., 67, a retired lawyer in Missoula, MT

“It’s odd, though, as the days roll by with sunshine, the full arrival of Spring, and a seeming “normalcy” except for quieter streets and sidewalks not to occasionally be struck hard with a sense that some dark beast is silently slouching our way–that this seeming normalcy is utterly superficial and spurious, a fool’s paradise, and that all over the country and around the world something truly dark and terrible is occurring.”

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J.C., 19, a student in Palo Alto, CA

“I still haven’t heard from the university about whether I can stay on campus for the summer, and because of the airline restrictions, I can barely find an air ticket that will get me home…”

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X.H., 32, a company employee in Jingzhou, China

“回家20天左右的时候,我意识到自己带的药可能不能坚持到疫情完全解除了。[…] 我还没有向家里出柜和坦白我生病的事情,所以我只能跟家人撒谎,说慢性鼻炎发作,比较严重,需要去取药,才出了门。”

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