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K., a teen in Israel

“In Hebrew it’s called בידוד…It started about 10 days ago. You’re only allowed to walk your dog and exercise 100 meters from your house.”

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V.S., a teen in Singapore

“I got the shock of my life when I found out that the senior pastor got infected with the coronavirus. Before I knew it, our church had become the largest cluster in the whole of Singapore. Having visited the church twice that week, I myself was worried that I could have been infected by the novel coronavirus.”

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S.M., teen in Stavropol, Russia

“There were no particular difficulties, but my institute, like many others, was not ready for distance learning, and some difficulties arose: for example, problems with the Internet, a poor-quality platform for conducting seminars and lectures. The hardest thing in my situation is the MacBook.”

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K.N., 65, a piano teacher and substitute teacher in Murrieta, CA

“We were going to have a large party for my mother’s 90th birthday which ended up being a drive by for her. A few inconveniences that we encountered during our time in quarantine. Although these inconveniences disappointed us all they were minor in comparison to the devastation experienced by many during this pandemic.”

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C.P., a teen in Gisborne, New Zealand

“My mother works in the hospital and my father worked within the grocery store so we were always cautious about the way we did things. We talked at dinner about covid and all the crazy things it had people doing. We laughed about people wearing plastic bags or Stormtrooper masks (Starwars) when they went grocery shopping…The thought of covid was constantly on my mind, a stressor that was inescapable.”

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H.K., a teen in Bad Arolsen, Germany

“At home I feel best at the moment. I would not like to be stuck in another country and not see my family. I pass my time on the computer or I help my father in his garage. We can only go shopping with a mask and the shops are very full.”

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F.S., a teen in Warsaw, Poland

“In March and April, during the lockdown, I virtually did not leave my house at all, maybe with an exception for a short bike ride every two days, but since May, as the restrictions are being eased (May 18 – reopening of restaurants), I am going out more often (though always wearing a mask).”

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P.P.S., a teen in Madrid, Spain

“Quarantine is not anymore an entertaining new activity, but a lifestyle. As for me, I can’t complain, I’ve been coping with it pretty well. Reading adventure books has helped me as a way of evading reality and feeling as if I had gone for a walk at least, and having the school routine as usual tricks my mind into thinking I actually went outside of my home.”

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S.H., a teen in Zurich, Switzerland

“In the beginning of quarantine it was an extreme change, especially now that our online classes on team have officially started. I had to get used to looking after my brother, not being around my friends, because we practically live together and to not going on my phone every time I had nothing to do.”

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M., a teen in Milan, Italy

“The streets of my neighborhood are completely deserted, but every evening someone plays music from their balcony and everybody sings to it! I love how we Italians always manage to be loud!!”

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