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M.A., a teen in Jesolo, Italy

“I live in a quiet place, in the middle of the countryside, so I could at least go for a walk… I live in a pretty big house, but it was hard to stay at home with my mom, my dad and my two brothers… at first it seemed like a little vacation, it’s true… my brother who hates going to school was happy too, but then we realized we couldn’t even go to soccer and dance, so many things started to be missing. “

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C.P., a teen in Venice Italy

“Maybe the virus wants to bring us back to reality, to the real meaning of things and wants to teach us all the values that we have gradually obscured, the relationships that we have reset in favour of digital distance. Every day I ask myself: “How good was everything before?!”. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly and gets back to the way it was before!”

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A.D., a teen in New York City, NY

“Life turned upside down in a matter of days. What I believed was merely another instance of hysteria affected the people I love. Thousands of people are dying and ever more are actively sick. Coronavirus will change the world forever.”

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H.Y., 19, a student in Lund, Sweden

“[…]the situation led to many low-spirited moments. Firstly, it felt very sad knowing that I wouldn’t see any of my university friends until October, and I had not said proper goodbye to many of them when I left […] However, I would rather reflect on the bright side of things.”

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