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T., 43, a marketer in Kaharlyk, Ukraine

“Весной было страшно, чувствовался гнёт. О гнете все время писали наши украинские народные поэты и писатели – это из любимая тема. Но реально почувствовать его удалось именно этой весной, когда закрыли парки, детские площадки, и заставили всех ходить в масках по улицам.”

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J.W.T., 44, a professor in Teresina, Brazil

“O nosso presidente, Jair Bolsonaro, é um necrófilo consumado, um dublê de tirano sem o talento para tal, e sua necropolítica em relação à Covid-19 consiste simplesmente em rechaçar a voz da ciência, minimizar o valor das vidas perdidas e pregar o término da quarentena a fim de salvar a pele do empresariado que financiou sua campanha à presidência.”

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R.O., 69, a retired imports adviser in Cypress, CA

“In Japan, it is very common to see people wearing face masks especially if they are sick or with a cough or sneeze a mask is worn out of respect for others. Why pollute another’s air? But, in the America, the wearing of a mask gave a negative denotation. Suddenly, because you are Asian, you became suspected of being a carrier, a cause of the disease and the change of life. The ugly side of even the most God-fearing person exuded nasty and hateful comments to Asians with activity of people coughing into the Asian face…”

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