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S.S., a teen in Bangalore, India

“At the time we thought, this was a short term thing, and we were anticipating a quick return back. But as it turned out, we were to be here for the long haul.”

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N.H., 61, a volunteer in Greenwich, CT

This young young man, who commutes over an hour a day to our son’s private school, moved in with us to study from here rather than a crowded Bronx apartment. […] His family is from West Africa so his life is very different from ours. We feel so lucky to be in a position to offer him a home. It’s a small thing we can do during a period where so many less fortunate people are suffering.”

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T.P., 23, a product manager in Menlo Park, CA

“疫情在家约了小伙伴每天锻炼,做超累的HIIT,梦想着能暴瘦15斤,然而现实总是残酷的,可能是太能吃了,到现在还没有完成梦想的1/5 […] 种花算是我少有的户外“运动”,可以放空大脑,好好放松,不过令人崩溃的是,我种的花一个都没发芽,希望房东不要打我。隔离期间的生活就和流水账一样,其实我有点喜欢这样的生活,但还是希望疫情早点结束啦。”

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B.N., 19, a student in Nairobi, Kenya

“The uncertainty of the situation is troubling. I have also in general become more lax in handling my schoolwork, spending most of the day in bed watching series and having daydreams. […] This has also weirdly enough been a time for reflection and self-discovery…”

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L.M., 68, a retired special ed. administrator in Normal, IL

“…I was able to continue my exercise class three times a week via ZOOM. I’m a voracious reader and quickly ran out of books. I’ve spent a few hundred dollars buying books and even got my husband reading instead of watching tv. After my projects I kind of spiraled spiritually and felt anxious and depressed…”

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