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T.B., a teen in Murrieta, CA

“I usually am a very happy person but this year, due to the constant routine of school without seeing friends or leaving my environment, I felt small stints of sadness and even depression. It wasn’t major or anything, but enough to make me realize the effect quarantine had on me.”

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J.C., 60, a Translator in Modesto, CA

“After a strange year of semi-isolation and worrying, I am finally getting my first dose of the vaccine and I am very excited about it. I have a wedding to attend in April 2022, in Seville (Spain), and I am hoping that most of the countries achieve the so-called herd immunization, so that I can travel without restrictions and without fear of doing it.”

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E.E., 32, a mental health worker in Fremont, CA

“Being an essential worker I still had to ride on the empty BART trains to work every day praying to God that I would not get this virus. I was hearing that at the clinic I worked at we were running short on supplies (i.e. hand sanitizer, mask, PPE). My anxiety was rising as we started to run out of protective gear and I was reusing a disposable mask going on day 5 already.”

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E.N., 44, a teacher in Murrieta, CA

“A year on and I feel at perhaps my unhealthiest sadly, both physically and emotionally. My mom is getting the Covid vaccine next week and I am so happy for her. I hope that all of us will be able to get our vaccines too.”

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C.N., a teen in Murrieta, CA

“Due to Covid-19, I have been in strict quarantine due to the fact that I live with my grandmother…Academically, this has also affected my ability to take the SAT and ACT, which is something I felt disappointed about because I spent so much time studying for them.”

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S., 29, a real estate worker in St. Petersburg, Russia

“Тест на беременность. Мы отправились с мужем в аптеку, по пути купили что-то к ужину. Дома я сразу же сделала тест и спустя некоторое время он показал две яркие полоски. Это было настоящее чудо! Мы поняли что теперь нам нужно серьёзно готовится к появлению ребёнка.”

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J.R., 49, a Pharmacist Technician in Murrieta, CA

“Going to work was very scary because I have some health issues as it is and I have to interact with people, so I constantly used sanitizer, gloves, multiple masks, etc…Working in a medical field in this time has been exhausting and will be even harder as flu season approaches…I hope one day I will be able to give the COVID-19 vaccine as part of my job and help to others.”

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S.M., teen in Stavropol, Russia

“There were no particular difficulties, but my institute, like many others, was not ready for distance learning, and some difficulties arose: for example, problems with the Internet, a poor-quality platform for conducting seminars and lectures. The hardest thing in my situation is the MacBook.”

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