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A., a teen in South Tyrol, Italy

“I think, if everyone goes through this time with a positive mindset, it will be easier and you can look forward to enjoy the beautiful weather with your friends in future. I believe that we could master the situation well together.”

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J.H., a teen in London, England

“Personally, each day has been a meshed together, and only by checking the date I can see that it’s a… Thursday?? I thought it was a Tuesday… wow I’m more out of the cycle than I realised. On the other hand, I plan on doing more things to keep me engaged other than watching TV and playing videogames, which – don’t get me wrong – are great, however, I’m only human, I have my limits.”

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J.J., a teen in Lincolnshire, England

” I would say overall I have enjoyed not having to go to school as they it has allowed me to avoid the early morning bus trips and the long days at school and I have been able to spend more time with my family.”

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R.C., a teen in Santa Clara County, CA

“Yesterday, my county extended the shelter in place order from ending April 7th to ending May 3rd (my school is set to restart on the 4th). So much for my birthday (mid-April). But, honestly, we’re most likely going to be here for much longer after that.”

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M.S., 44, a poet and editor in Jersey City, NJ

“I still remember the afternoon of March 13, 2020, when I started following the official site of the New Jersey Coronavirus Dashboard and the number of cases started to climb up like mercury on a hot thermometer. I was anxious due to the fact that my nine-year-old was in the school playing and socializing with his peers with no fear and awareness about the pandemic. I requested the school for a day off […] my fears were realized when the mayor ordered a state lockdown the very next Monday.

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R.I., 18, a student in Totowa, NJ

“Another thing I didn’t realize was how the pandemic would affect Ramadan and Eid. I know for a fact that it would have been much harder to do if I were still in school because I didn’t have my own kitchen. It would also have bothered my neighbors a lot if they heard a microwave going at 3 AM!”

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Z., 23, a student in Hiroshima, Japan

“每一天差不多醒着的时间都想跟妈妈开着视频,担心他们出门,担心他们感染,担心他们出现症状。[…] 1,2月份,我担心家人却只能靠视频确认他们是否安好。3,4月份,家人担心我也只能靠视频消减担忧。除了互通电话报个平安,我们能为彼此做的事情几乎没有。[…] 打发独处时间变成了一门艺术。 但似乎更多的是庆幸,还好我还活着,身边的人还活着。一切都还有变好的可能性。”

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Q.X.W., 20, a student in Mountain View, CA

“过去这几个星期没有一天是不被疫情distract的。天天在哭,经常躺在床上闭上眼睛就想到看到的各种报道(李文亮医生,各种武汉人的日记/report等)然后失眠。 […] 没戴口罩的送货员和没戴口罩的我在不够社交安全的距离内说了几句话,回来之后我被隔离了五天。”

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