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R., a teen in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

“Covid-19 remedies have replaced our ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ quotes on whatsapp. In fact, home remedies are spreading faster than the virus. The topic has given content creators a chance to make their audience smile during a devastating pandemic. Masks and sanitisers are everyone’s best friends. These give a person a sense of security. The pandemic has changed so much in our lifestyles and habits. Quarantine has given all of us another chance to discover ourselves, to discover our hobbies and to discover the people close to us.”

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T.M., a teen in Santiago, Chile

“Creo que a pesar de todo aunque muchas veces haya sentido miedo, ansiedad, angustia, preocupación, también creo que ha sido un tiempo donde he podido estar más tiempo con mi familia, conocerlos más y también conocerme a mi, también he podido hacer cosas que siempre he dejado de lado porque no tenía tiempo de hacerlo, creo que ha sido un tiempo de pensar, reflexionar y darse cuenta de todas las cosas que uno tiene y que puede perder de un día para otro por una pandemia.”

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A.J., 20, a musician in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

“With the pandemic, something has changed. I’m alone all the time. I don’t get to play music with other people. […] It’s not necessarily about performing for people, but also about playing as a way to understand yourself and your experiences. It’s about finding complexities within yourself […]. While I do miss my regular life, I’m happy to have Bach alongside me when I’m alone.”

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B.N., 19, a student in Nairobi, Kenya

“The uncertainty of the situation is troubling. I have also in general become more lax in handling my schoolwork, spending most of the day in bed watching series and having daydreams. […] This has also weirdly enough been a time for reflection and self-discovery…”

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Y.W.C., 23, a student in New York, NY


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