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D.H., 65, a Lecturer at Endicott College in Somerville, MA

“Being the walker in the city that I am I took a shorter-long walk this afternoon. The weather was crisp, a classic early spring sort of day…I noticed while walking many people were following the six foot rule, as they swerved away from me like I was a leper.”

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R., a teen in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

“Covid-19 remedies have replaced our ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ quotes on whatsapp. In fact, home remedies are spreading faster than the virus. The topic has given content creators a chance to make their audience smile during a devastating pandemic. Masks and sanitisers are everyone’s best friends. These give a person a sense of security. The pandemic has changed so much in our lifestyles and habits. Quarantine has given all of us another chance to discover ourselves, to discover our hobbies and to discover the people close to us.”

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J.H., a teen in London, England

“Personally, each day has been a meshed together, and only by checking the date I can see that it’s a… Thursday?? I thought it was a Tuesday… wow I’m more out of the cycle than I realised. On the other hand, I plan on doing more things to keep me engaged other than watching TV and playing videogames, which – don’t get me wrong – are great, however, I’m only human, I have my limits.”

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L.S., a teen in Sturgeon Falls, Canada

“My mother and sister have still been going out and not taking precautions has us spending most of our days it the bedroom to avoid them. The fact that they are still going out annoys me, it upsets me and makes me angry, but most of all, it fills me with anxiety and worries me. I am constantly living in a state of panic and needing to sanitize everything and avoid everyone so keep my baby safe.”

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R.C., a teen in Santa Clara County, CA

“My already quiet area seems even more languid than usual – nobody really ventures outside but for walks. Everyone’s walking, though – much more than usual. Unfortunately I need to avoid a popular walking path by my house because, although so many people are walking, only a few (if any) are practicing proper social distancing.”

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N.N., a teen in CA

“Since the beginning of the sheltering in place, I’ve been going out every day (being careful to stay far away from others). At the beginning, I took walks or went on runs, but lately I’ve been playing basketball with my sister.”

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R.I., 18, a student in Paterson, NJ

“It started with us sharing meals together. When I set the table, my parents will slide their placemats down a couple seats. It then transitioned to saying, “Bye, love you!” six feet away before sending them off to work. What made me more upset was seeing the approaches my parents were taking to distance from each other…”

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