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N.N., a teen in Chennai, India

“Personally, keeping a schedule, e.g getting to bed at a certain time, has really helped keep my life fairly structured during these chaotic times. So I’d probably encourage others to be slightly productive, even if it isn’t studying/work, something like baking is super fun and you get some great treats out of it.”

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S.S., a teen in Bangalore, India

“At the time we thought, this was a short term thing, and we were anticipating a quick return back. But as it turned out, we were to be here for the long haul.”

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R.M., a teen in Tokyo, Japan

“In Japan, we don’t have any rules like a shelter-in-place order, so I can go anywhere, whenever I want, but I personally think that’s the biggest reason why the coronavirus in Japan has gone away slower than other countries.”

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N.N., a teen in Bangkok, Thailand

“Recently, I bought a guitar as I always wanted to learn how to play it so I’m practicing that every day. I’ve also done some painting, knitting, cooking, and baking. Additionally, I’ve started to grow some vegetables, e.g. bok choy, kale, tomatoes etc., with my mum on our balcony. Some days I’ll watch Netflix shows and YouTube.”

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C.Z., a teen in Beijing, China

“Of course, we have to wear a mask when going outside, and we also have to keep social distancing. Many schools have reopened, most people are back to work, and the traffic has returned to normal, so things are looking good again!”

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K., a teen in Israel

“In Hebrew it’s called בידוד…It started about 10 days ago. You’re only allowed to walk your dog and exercise 100 meters from your house.”

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T.L., a teen in Gesher Haziv, Israel

“I had a very good time in quarantine. I’ve played the computer all day, slept a lot and played guitar and piano. The only shortcoming for me was that I couldn’t meet my friends and play with my band.”

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