1. Who said Corona?

Don’t get upset because I loved
Our gone babies .
At the end of time and the universe my dream must
Be expressed

God got tired
Do you understand?

No place to travel to
As the infinity is being determined
Anew in a range of

One hundred meter
From one person to another

This outbreak is really quite sexy
Alerting, warning and killing
No better way
To laugh at the people
In such heroic way

When we celebrate our exodus
And the collapse of Pharaoh

In the spring of two thousand twenty.

2. To my father’s surgeon

I’ve realized how it
works: It is announced that …
and it’s known all of a sudden! *

You know that suddenness has
an action plan that is comprehensive
and detailed – it’s
a strategy within itself.

When it (the suddenness) receives existence in a person’s
it is experienced as a malicious trick indeed it has no
advance warning or alert before taking
Did you know that I had to
dismantle this trick
of suddenness

On the 27th day of January, 2015
on the 10th floor
of hearts in question marks
under full anesthesia
and full monitoring
             in waiting
very exact
for waiting for the
cardiology ward.

After all, the obvious suddenness
is no longer
and has many consequences, it is the realization
that we are winning something that we
would not necessarily be entitled
my father is on the operating table
at a supervised temperature
at which
you bypassed the blockage with an
additional route
in his heart

and I could not
offer you assurances
at this time
my father!

I was to the Traveler’s Prayer
and the chorus in the Book of Psalms, from “Blessed is the Man”
and to
the verse
“And all that he does will succeed.”

Did you know
that I have connected to every special quality
for any trouble that may

And I was for every letter
of the letters of your name
in Psalms

and I searched for any mention in those hours
of heredity

Did you know that my father has three
daughters of wonderful Semitic beauty
will you recognize my father in them?
When you operated
with this suddenness on father.

And is charity not just a theological term
for gratitude
to be
considered –
please accept this (from me), surgeon!

*Heart bypass surgery, decided on within three days of detection!

3. Crisis

It was an
in ten sive
I did not know
that the mind is illusive

and paracetamol is not admissible
for a psychosomatic sense
in the pelvis.

That the thought sticks
like a Band-Aid on a congealed wound
in the morning
and secretes pus until tomorrow,
and at night an emotional baggage
uncompromisingly hard
and impossible to reject.

I did not know
that “bias for my own good” according to
the attribution theory
did validate an “inverted bias”
between action and between the interior and the exterior
at a time of depression.

After all, I am from there
where Adam hosts himself first
and places in deposit
the absence of neurotransmitters
in his nervous system


a two-month encounter on blue
chairs in the unit’s lobby.

Surely I am where
Dahlia Ravikovitch* was for “a ship
without sails in a sea without wind”

But I still
admire human smiles
in the most undeclared way
there is
I am in crisis.

*An Israeli poet

4. Sisters

Immortality witness
For us.
Stored up in the heart of heaven forever
What was between
Us two.

And refined connection,purified
Of all harm
Looks out from the photographs.

Though our lives are portioned
To pieces of time,
Our existence is eternalized between
The volumes of diaries.

5. The lockdown’s pay of the virus Corona

My dear sisters
He left abounded eyes
As of a child’s in the Getoes

It’s a deceptive exercise
To prepare the humanity
For separation

The thunders storms over Israel
Are too thunderous
But don’t be deceived by them
It’s not a message
That somebody Above Is angry on the people and for this reason
He brought
The virus
Which separate
Between sisters
And between daughter and father

I do know, I almost died
On the operating table
Don’t request a lot
Just to seat again
Three of us
Around the table
For Kiddush

Friday’s Eve still waiting
For us, my dear sisters
We do have something
To expect for,
In my life!

Tali Cohen Shabtai, is a poet, she was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She began writing poetry at the age of six,

Tali’s poems expresses spiritual and physical exile. She is studying her exile and freedom paradox, her cosmopolitan vision is very obvious in her writings. She lived some years in Oslo Norway and in the U.S.A.

Tali has written three poetry books:” Purple Diluted in a Black’s Thick”, (bilingual 2007), “Protest” (bilingual 2012) and “Nine Years From You” (2018).

By 2021, her fourth book of poetry will be published which will also be published in Norway. Her literary works have been translated into many languages as well.

Jerusalem, Israel

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