L.D., 53, a doctor in Murrieta, CA

My mom tells her covid story with humor and resilience.

So, on February 6th my mom contacted Covid-19, did she know it was covid, absolutely not.  She took her entire office to Las Vegas for a seminar.  My father stayed home to take care of things. 

The first night the girls went to dinner my mom kept telling her staff that this food was tasteless, and they returned the conversation with it was the best food they had ever had.  That night my mom told me she got super sick with a fever and body aches, which lasted to the next morning, she stayed in bed all day while her staff attended the seminar.  The funny thing she told me is her staff was afraid to go out on the town the second night because they did not want to leave my mom alone. The next morning my mom got up and told her staff, they were heading home.

My mom did tell me she drove the entire way home, stubborn she is.  Covid was not thought of yet when my mom got sick it was February and the world was still covid free or so they thought.  My mom kept her business open during the entire pandemic, closing early only a few days in the beginning.  She felt she had been one of the early cases and that gave her piece of mind to practice, that was confirmed in June, with a positive antibody.  My parents spent many hours getting the offices ready to see patients safely and that was good to get everyone’s mind off the pandemic’s effects on the world. My mom would tell us at dinner that a lot of people were scared but pain was a motivator to come into the office.  The quarantine was stressful for everyone, but I was proud of my mom, because of her resilience to the diversity she was facing every day.

[submitted on 6/4/2021]

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