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NoiseFilter is a podcast hosted by local Community Health and Infectious Disease doctors Dr. Eric Griggs (“Doc Griggs”) and Dr. MarkAlain Dery. Working on the front lines of COVID-19, the two observed that other healthcare professionals, as well as lay people, were getting lost in both the bulk and complexity of the COVID-19 information they were confronted with. Instead of feeling empowered, people were feeling confused, frustrated, and in the worst instances were taking actions that endangered themselves and their loved ones.

In response, these two friends and colleagues decided to create the NoiseFilter Podcast, a place where anyone can spend ten minutes a day and receive the COVID-19 updates they need to keep themselves and their loved ones healthy.

The doctors and their team of health specialists sort through the news, medical journals, and latest studies with the goal of distilling the most important information and delivering it in clear, bite-sized chunks. In ten-minute daily episodes, they bring forth the facts in a communication language and style accessible to all listeners.

As part of NoiseFilter’s partnership with Life in Quarantine, listeners can now hear LiQ archive stories read, sometimes by their author, on the podcast!

For more information about NoiseFilter, check out their website here!

Dr. Dery and Doc Griggs

Members of the LiQ team are very excited to announce our partnership with NoiseFilter! Listen to a few of the current LiQ x NoiseFilter collaboration podcasts below. Be sure to follow NoiseFilter on Instagram and Twitter, to stay updated with the podcast’s updates!

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