What is LiQ?

Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic is a Digital Humanities initiative sponsored by the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA) at Stanford University. Launched in March 2020 by three doctoral students and a group of undergraduates, LiQ is an online community platform that addresses the transformations we’re experiencing in the age of COVID-19. The Stanford Daily newspaper did a feature story about the origins of LiQ, read it here.

At the core of the project, we have an open, online historical archive that houses personal written accounts in a wide range of languages from various countries. These stories document how the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the lives of people from various backgrounds across the globe. Additionally, our website provides a space for different types of creative expression; personal stories, creative writing, blogs, and visual art.   

Our website is designed as an open education resource for students, educators, governments, organizations, and businesses to promote cultural solidarity and global interconnectedness with inclusivity at its center. We’re constantly striving to make our content as representative as possible and we can’t do this without the engagement and participation of our communities. Your voice matters! 

If you would like to collaborate or have any suggestions about initiatives we could feature on our site, don’t hesitate to contact our team at liqstanford@gmail.com.

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Life in Quarantine: Witnessing Global Pandemic is an initiative sponsored by the Poetic Media Lab and the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis at Stanford University.

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