Anonymous, (N/A age), Imprisoned Citizen

The last 5 months was easy and hard for me in prison, they gave us 10 min free phone calls and we have 500 mins to last until we revalidate. So that means i get to speak to my children almost everyday now. The food has been ok for the most part, the other units been locked down almost twice and we just got on lockdown buzz of the spread of infection. They said that we can file a motion for sentence reduction(compassionate release) and they don’t even consider nobody, i have hypertension and im being prescribed ACE inhibitor Lisinopril, CDC said that people that has that condition and is prescribed an ACE inhibitor has a higher chance of being infected with the virus. And I’ve been denied, so now i have to try to get help so that i can properly send a motion to the courts. We haven’t been going to recreation or nothing. Administration don’t make wellness checks at all, and i wrote the warden concerning that and she had sent the psychologist to come speak to me..It’s very stressful and overwhelming in here. The last month and half we been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and lunchmeat sandwiches. Its pretty bad here at Coleman low, they don’t do no testing only temperature checks. And the worst thing about the whole situation the officers the ones that brought it in here to us. They don’t get tested at all. They had a article in Spectrum News 13 Tampa concerning the pandemic. I really don’t know if i feel safe or not. They have numerous people in here coughing, sneezing and allot of stuff. Come to think about it i really don’t feel safe because the people that’s suppose to protect us is the ones that bringing it in here to us. They’re using the inmates that tested positive for Covid-19 to do the duties around the compound that was in quarantine. Really they had a celly that was going home that tested positive and they took all the people that was in the same cube and brought them to the shu(special housing unit) at the medium.

They moved all them to the chapel and the visiting room, i guess after they cleared a couple positive tests.Im not sure just speculating,i know that’s where they are. I live in A-3 in a unit wit 140 people and they have it dormitory style they have 2 man cubes and 3 man cubes. Me I live in a 3 man cube. It’ very difficult 2 practice social distancing in these settings. We cant have even Video Visitation to see our families.I been on lockdown in the unit with my peers since July 8th 2020. Administration havent made 1 wellness check to inquire about our concerns. So i guess I dont feel safe if the the Warden Mrs.Lane the person who’s suppose to be running the institution acting like she cares and dont at all. Im supposed to feel safe…

[submitted August 17, 2020]

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