N.S., 62, a in home caregiver in Sammamish, WA

My boyfriend and I have been in quarantine at home since the middle of March. The two of us have chosen to be extra cautious because he is Disabled. We already tend to be more home bound than the average person. The crazy thing about that is that in some ways the “stay at home” part of this pandemic is not so difficult. Even so we have had to make some tough decisions and some life changes. The most difficult was putting on hold any assistance from outside Caregivers. One Caregiver became ill and after a time tested she to have the Virus. Another caregiver could not be tested. The risk was too great.

There are benefits as well at this time. We make more of an effort to communicate well and take care of each other which has given us an even closer bond. I also find I am able to be more Mindful and in the moment than ever before.

We realize how very fortunate we are to have food and a comfortable home. It is hard to see the amount of people Locally and World Wide who are struggling. It is inspiring to see and hear the news of so many who give to people in need. We appreciate the large amount of people in our community who are generous and thoughtful to others. As we walk in the neighborhood when people see the Power Wheelchair they often cross the street to keep us safe. We are so Thankful for all the people on the front line who are stepping up to help Everyone!

[submitted on 5/22/2020]

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