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E.P., a teen in Zurich, Switzerland

“Only a month ago, you were longing for peace and quiet and a peaceful interruption in the exhausting daily routine, now you only wish for some kind of occupation, even a distraction from all the idleness and the abysmal emptiness of boredom. These spiritual paradoxes, which were formed within a month, prove the basic imperfection of man and our ever-changing desires and desires.”

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R.C., a teen in Santa Clara County, CA

“My already quiet area seems even more languid than usual – nobody really ventures outside but for walks. Everyone’s walking, though – much more than usual. Unfortunately I need to avoid a popular walking path by my house because, although so many people are walking, only a few (if any) are practicing proper social distancing.”

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A.D., a teen in New York City, NY

“Life turned upside down in a matter of days. What I believed was merely another instance of hysteria affected the people I love. Thousands of people are dying and ever more are actively sick. Coronavirus will change the world forever.”

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J.H., a teen in Honolulu, HI

“It wasn’t just school that was affected for me and so many other people. No longer was coronavirus “just like the flu.” We have now lost over a hundred thousand Americans and our society will be fundamentally different when we get out of this.”

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T.C., a teen in Tampa, FL

“It’s crazy to think that something that we all thought was going to affect our live for 2 weeks is still affecting us three months later and will likely continue to affect us for even longer.”

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M.L.C., 28, a teacher in Mexico, the Philippines

“They have these policy No Work No Pay! indeed Poverty was just around the corner! These Pandemic make me realize that in just a second everything will change! everything will disappear! You cannot control what is happening in our lives…”

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M.I., 48, a baby nurse in Queens, NY

“…May discrimination pa, pag Asian inaaway, minumura minsan sinasaktan pa. naranasan ko yan minsan nasa bus ako at ako ay naka mask, bigla ako nilayuan at sinabing , ‘you asian, go back to your country’”…

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S.T., 41, an echocardiographer in Waukesha, WI

“…Everyday at work we hear something new and new protocols are made. It’s necessary and hard to read everything to keep up with the changes. It is now the end of May. I don’t know if I see my field in healthcare ever being the same again…”

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