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S.R., 71, a homemaker in Murrieta, CA

“In our home we have three generations. I am the Grandmother, my daughter and son in law with their now two teenage children all live together. It’s been difficult for the kids to be isolated from school and friends. They have missed important milestones…”

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E.R., 18, a student in Seoul, South Korea

“Being extremely vulnerable to the pressure to feel productive, I forced myself to follow my friends and “make the most of” my quarantine. Without a reason to be busy, I was left alone to ruminate repeatedly over self-destructive thoughts. It was not fun.”

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M.B., 28, a professor in Piripiri, Brazil

“Após um mês de reflexão sobre a perda de todo esse tempo longe dos meus melhores amigos, um mês depois, finalmente saí de casa. Isso foi necessário, pois a monotonia com excesso de tempo “livre” também nos adoece.”

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L.W., 32, a photographer in Shenzhen, China

“学会了戴口罩~学会了去哪里都要给测体温 […] 两个月没有与亲戚见面~因为根本进不去~所以也觉得蛮安全的~ […] 简直就是个小长假~当然经济停摆~也过的提心吊胆的因为要面临房贷车贷等费用~有点恐惧”

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