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Q.X., 50, a therapist in Shenzhen, China

“疫情伊始即成为新冠在线心理志愿者,为武汉地区患者及家人、一线志愿者提供危机干预与心理援助,[…] 间接经历了这灾难降临的时刻,思考与收获良多。”

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Y.K., 52, an interpreter in Seoul, South Korea

“나는 집에서 모든 식구들이 갇힌 상태라 오히려 짜증과 불안으로 힘들어 할 거라고 생각했다. 물론 서로와 부딪히는 시간도 있었다. 하지만 우리 가족은 이 격리생활을 즐기게 되었고 그동안 해왔던 사회생활과 그 많은 모임들이 어찌보면 약간 불필요할 정도로 많지 않았나 생각한다… 난 우리 가족과 내 자신을 더 reflect 할 시간을 갖게 된 것에 감사한다.”

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E.R., 18, a student in Seoul, South Korea

“Being extremely vulnerable to the pressure to feel productive, I forced myself to follow my friends and “make the most of” my quarantine. Without a reason to be busy, I was left alone to ruminate repeatedly over self-destructive thoughts. It was not fun.”

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M.C., 22, a student in New Haven, CT

You should know that my professor, during the last class he would ever teach, asked whether we should sacrifice the lives of the elderly, people like him, so that we can survive. “Yes, I think you should” was his answer And after we said thank you and clapped, and left the meeting one by one, tears swelled up his eyes.

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E.C., 70, a Shin Buddhist minister in Irvine, CA

“This has been a time of deep self reflection and […] has made the Buddhist teaching of impermanence immediate and ever present. The dharma has allowed me to be open to what is the evolving and ever fluid circumstance. The recent protests over the George Floyd murder are just another aspect of this truth…”

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