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J.C., 60, a Translator in Modesto, CA

“After a strange year of semi-isolation and worrying, I am finally getting my first dose of the vaccine and I am very excited about it. I have a wedding to attend in April 2022, in Seville (Spain), and I am hoping that most of the countries achieve the so-called herd immunization, so that I can travel without restrictions and without fear of doing it.”

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E.E., 32, a mental health worker in Fremont, CA

“Being an essential worker I still had to ride on the empty BART trains to work every day praying to God that I would not get this virus. I was hearing that at the clinic I worked at we were running short on supplies (i.e. hand sanitizer, mask, PPE). My anxiety was rising as we started to run out of protective gear and I was reusing a disposable mask going on day 5 already.”

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A., 22, a student in Moscow, Russia

“Когда вернулась в Москву, было страшно ходить в метро, люди в масках вводили в дикую тоску. Сейчас уже легче, хотя именно во вторую волну у меня заболела буквально вся семья.”

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M.S., 27, a dancer in Matawan, NJ

“This year stopped me from living my ultimate potential in my career. I’ve struggled to make it this year, I picked up warehouse jobs and driving jobs just to pass time. My life hasn’t been the same and I’m constantly changing my path of work because of the pandemic.”

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J.F., 64, retired, in Tajimi City, Japan


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D.E., 53, an International Marketing Manager in Lubeck, Germany

“I saw the wave coming way in advance of most. How’s that? I work with international schools and was due to host a conference in Bangkok on 21 February. Mid January the news from China started getting more pronounced and then our host school in Thailand shut down so we had to cancel our event. Sitting in Europe I could see the news of the virus going in all directions”

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Y.K., 50, a freelancer in Seoul, South Korea

“굳이 살면서 꼭 필요치 않는것은 사라지는듯 하다… 코로나는 정말 무서운 전염성을 가진 수많은 사람들의 생명을 빼앗아가는 무서운 바이러스 그건 어느 것보다 비교할수 없지만 고통속에서의 잠시 장점을 표현해보며 잠시 안도를 해본다.”

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